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Rakura is shaped by our mission to transform and put Himalayan teas at its rightful place, one cup at a time. We look to achieve this purpose through strong integration of meaningful components – a feat that has never been undertaken before in the context of our country. Elements, that when united would be stronger than the sum of its parts!

The perception and experience of Nepalese teas had to change. It was time to start all over again by going back to the drawing board and bringing all our knowledge to the table to rethink the whole Nepalese tea drinking experience. We had to consistently create amazing products that would wow consumers around the world while simplifying their purchasing choices with packages that they would want to take home repeatedly instead of a one-time buy. With Nepal’s most renowned Tea Specialist – our founder – at the helm and a packaging of tea, we set out to offer the finest Himalayan tea experience.

Although we are a family run, vertically integrated establishment, it was realized that true Himalayan tea
experience would be incomplete if only teas produced by us were packed into Rakura. The ethical approach to this commitment would have to be a fair contest, where only the best Himalayan teas would make the cut. This would require joining hands with other finer tea producing gardens, obtaining hundreds of samples day after day, tasting and comparing the best assortment of teas that go into each packet of Rakura. Thanks to our time-honored relationships with all Nepalese tea growing communities, this is exactly what we have executed. In addition to handpicking only Rakura’s finest teas, strategic partnerships were accomplished with other finer tea producing gardens to painstakingly select the best teas for creating perfectly well rounded pure Himalayan tea concoctions.

Until now, there were no yardsticks for quality standards in Nepal. With regulations unchecked, they were no incentives for change. It was always about achieving the highest margins at the cost of long-term sustainability. Rakura had to be that change. It was not just about meeting international points of parity but being obsessed with excellence and so we did. For the first time in our country’s history, we established a climate controlled packaging unit for tea that adhered to the latest food safety standards. We also installed packaging technology that Nepal had never seen while introducing purposeful logistical arrangements with a mission to serve the freshest teas possible. World’s best packing materials with the most wholesomeness and eco-friendliness were researched to achieve attractive packaging that was equally functional. All in all, every aspect of the enriching Rakura tea experience, from unwrapping the hand selected teas to drinking the flavourful brew was fastidiously studied to create a brand that personifies Nepalese tea and competes with the best in the world.

The whole end goal of Rakura is sustainability. Sustainability for farmers, manufacturers, community, industry and country! Even today, Nepal stands as one of the most impoverished countries in the world; hence, it is not about us just focusing on the usage of our resources or lessening our waste but also on the survival of communities and industry, which is imperative for the collective sustenance of our nation. This inspiration of a poverty- free Nepal can only be possible if we help our communities help themselves. We realize that it is time to take back the reigns of our fate, make the best tea’s in the world hand in hand with our people and create value here at home while gradually channeling back the accumulated benefits through the whole community. So as you relish our finest teas, please also do cherish the thought of our communities, toiling hard to bring you this work of art in a teacup.

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