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We don’t just do, as we like at Rakura! We make sure to do what’s right for everyone – our customers, our communities, our team and our planet. For we know that the only way to provide the best tea offerings in the world is to ensure that they’re the best tea offerings for the world. Therefore in every step – through design, production, distribution and product lifecycle – we study the effect of our work on the environment and realize opportunities to make things better.

We understand that the science of sustainability is complex and our art is imperfect, but opportunities to create positive changes are limitless. Our research based approach and our long-term commitment to preserve and renew our shared planet helps us make our business more sustainable while bringing innovation in our tea offerings. Thus at Rakura, we ensure that nothing goes to waste. From damaged tealeaves to the tannin powder (by product) to the graded dust and flakes to the ash, everything is used as fertilizer.

Similarly, Good design and choosing the right materials can go a long way in ensuring that a product will be desirable and have a long life. It also can ensure the product can be recycled at the end of its useful life. We want the materials used in our products and processes to preserve human and environmental health, down to the molecular level. Hence, you will find that all materials used in our packaging of tea are eco-friendly and widely biodegradable down to our tea bags, which are compostable.

Minimizing our environmental impact also means keeping careful watch on all our operations. That means protecting the environment and the health of the people who work in our establishment. As we grow, we’re integrating lean manufacturing strategies with our sustainability efforts to achieve breakthrough results. Although we’ve had a formal environmental management system (EMS) in place for a long time now, we work as per the voluntary international standards of ISO 9001, 14001, 22000 and HACCP. While we apply these sustainability measures, we also continue to evolve to meet changing regulations and customer expectations.

For our own imminent future, we believe that what goes around will come around. Therefore we’ve set aspirational sustainability goals to further reduce our impact on the planet:

To operate 100% on renewable energy
To create 0% waste
To promote biodiversity by conserving soil, water, flora and fauna
To make our footprint smaller

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