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Our aspiration is to present you with the finest tea experience. We deem that it’s not just about drinking quality tea but our attention to details that strive to amaze you. With Rakura, we’ve tried to better every aspect to achieve the best for tea. We’ve gone back to the drawing board, brought all our experiences to the table to unite Nepal’s best teas with the world’s best and most eco-friendly materials to create Nepal’s best tea offering yet.

Teas That Are Amongst The World’s Finest
Gone are the days of poor quality tea in teabags. With Rakura, you can rest assured that only the finest quality raw tea-leaves have been handpicked to process the finest grades of made tea that offer the boiling water a large surface area to play with, in the confined space of the tea bag, making these teas fuller and more aromatic. Add to that our experience of fastidiously perfecting and packaging the teas at source within moments, to guarantee the freshest cup.

Nepal’s First All Natural Tea Infusions
In this era where health and wellbeing takes precedence over price, we decided to thoroughly research the tea infusions domain before heading into it. Deliberating over artificial vs. nature identical vs. natural; flavours from nature was an obvious choice. However, in our quest to achieve the best, we also became the first Nepalese tea company and one of the only few tea companies in the world to use comprehensively certified natural extracts attained from their original flora through patented technology. This not only enhances the taste of our tea concoctions but is also the healthier choice.

Nepal’s First Double Chambered Compostable Tea bags
Although not so generic, double-chambered tea bags are the most favoured kind of teabags in the world. This innovation has several advantages over a regular single chambered tea bag, the greater benefits being its two chambers and its folding technique. The two chambers contain more tea and have a greater surface area to help water circulate optimally, producing a better infusion followed by a fuller flavour and aroma. The folding technique on the other hand, eliminates the need to glue or tack the bag which otherwise might have a negative effect on palate. These benefits help to create a consistently great taste and convenient preparation. Besides, these Rakura tea bags are widely compostable. Putting them in the soil or in your potted plants will not only nurture your plants but will also assist in minimizing your waste.

World’s Best Filter Paper and Food grade, Antimicrobial Alu-wire
The Filter paper used for Rakura tea bags is produced by one of the top paper producers in the world using high-quality abaca and cellulose fibres to achieve excellent infusions. By using this blend of specialty fibers, a finer paper in an intricate web structure is created that enhances the rapid release of tea aroma, color, and flavour while guaranteeing high retention of fine tea particles within the bag. Similarly the alu-wire that stiches the tea bags and the tags come from the world’s leading manufacturer of aluminum wires and boast of food grade aluminum with a breakthrough shaving process that ensures a sterile, low oxide surface to boost it’s antimicrobial properties. What’s more? Even the spools they are wound on are food suitable!

Nepal’s first Non-bleached thread and food grade tags
In our passion to persevere for the finest tea experience for you, we’ve taken care to see that each detail matters. The unbleached thread of the Rakura tea bags is 100% cotton and 0% harmful chemicals and bleaching agents, ensuring that they don’t interfere with the flavor or your health. While the food grade tags, also made from natural fibers are finished with just the right thickness and texture for you to hold and dip the tea bags appropriately.

Nepal’s first Eco-friendly and Freshness ensuring Packaging
Innovation and awareness in packing materials have led to the demand for superior forms of packaging and exacting quality specifications. As a result, we’ve paid attention to even the minutest details. From food grade, biodegradable cartons – the materials for which are obtained from sustainable sources; to tamper proof, tear away locks that prevent adulteration; to food safe, 100% recyclable foiled pouches that block moisture, odour and germs; to food suitable glue, we’ve ensured that the Rakura packaging is not only appealing but also functional.