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Rakura Community

At Rakura, it is not just us or our over 1600 small farmers but our larger communities that come together to collectively bring you a work of art in your teacup. Our commitment to tea extends to collaboration with communities where we operate, as without them, the exciting two-way transfer of the raw produce, the experience and the knowledge would not be achievable. We have always been toiling, since our founding’s, to ensure that our establishments enhance the livelihood of not just the small tea farmers but also the people who are directly or indirectly involved in the supply chains – the masses that make the community a community.

Although there are quite a few challenges to overcome, we believe humanity must recognize and live within environmental limits. For this we are working closely with local stakeholders to grow and balance environmental, social and economic values – all in all to create a sustainable Nepalese tea industry. Because, we know at the end that only by caring for the environment, empowering the local populace and protecting this nirvana of a country, our own long-term survival is assured.
We’re committed to using our values and our resources to build relationships with our communities to make a positive impact inside and outside our premises. Our efforts are focused on programs that:

Alleviate poverty
Improve living standards
Support community development
Ensure priority and fair prices to small farmers
Create constructive environmental influences
Embrace social acceptance
Promote life-long learning